Rihanna at Wembley Stadion

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Rihannna LIVE at Wembley Stadium in London the 24th of June 2016. Book your tickets for the concert with Rihanna in London here. 

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Our Box Location includes: 
-Spectacular view of stage and arena 
-Food and drink available to purchase 

Important Information:  
- When you have completed your booking and payment is finalized, you will receive an e-mail with your e-ticket attached as a PDF document. 
- It is very important you read all information on your PDF e-ticket, especially where in London you need to collect your original tickets. 
- If the concert is postponed to another date, your tickets will be valid for the new concert on the new date, and no refund is provided. If you cannot attend the new concert date, then we will do our best to help selling your tickets to other clients, but we cannot give any guarantee that we succeed in re-selling your tickets.
- If your concert is cancelled, meaning no new concert date is publicized you will get a full refund on the price of the concert ticket booked on this site.
- You MUST bring a valid photo ID together with the PDF e-ticket when you collect your tickets in London.
- Please note that our prices are higher than the prices printed on the tickets. Prices might be up to 40% higher than the tickets face value. The commission you pay cover fees to the producer, our agent in London, delivery and to us. 


Rihanna at Wembley Stadion
Wembley Stadium:
London, HA9 0WS


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